Friday, August 07, 2009

triBUte tO my TRipLE BESt FRienD

Today, feel so stone.
Got a crush with my friend…
Stop thinking about it
Try to start new assignment
But can’t do that
So stone

Went to UR room
Talking with u
But u r sO busy with your YM lovers
Stone again
Playing music
Sleep for a while
And you come

PintOO bilik terkunci…( wani ckp dgn muka sedih )

Sorry… I think I want to laugh...HUhu
But I can’t
So helping you

sTIll Salah kunci

Balik..mkan maggi + chipsmOre + mister potato
Kau memang suka makan..haha
U decide to open the door
Ketuk2 papan atas tu
Non stop
Well, Tq to my useful knife and tukul..
Boleh jgak bkak…
Damn laugh

Memg slaluu faham aku
Thats was my first laugh
After that damn incident...

frienDS is alwaYS the bEST thiNG THAt i eVEr haVE

p/s > her naMe is waNI

akU DA ltaK DALam poSt nI..haHA

TQ A LOt frENZ.. :D

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